Text 5 Aug This Month’s Company I Love: Rickshaw Bagworks

This Month’s Company I Love: Rickshaw Bagworks

You can’t use a JanSport backpack once you graduate.

I needed a brief case.

Do you know how expensive nice brief cases are? You’d think they all came filled with gold. So I was searching around for a decent brief case and stumbled upon a 50% off coupon for this Rickshaw Handbags website. They aren’t leather, but have some nice fabrics and 100% fully customizable. Fabric, color, trim, inside…

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Photo 28 Jul 44,590 notes 4gifs:

Text 11 Jun This Month’s Company I Love: Fortel’s Pizza

This Month’s Company I Love: Fortel’s Pizza

It’s tough out there for business these days. Not only is the cost of compliance and taxes through the roof, but most businesses have to deal with the worst people in the world: the general public. If anyone’s worked retail (I consider a bank branch retail), you know. It’s extremely frustrating and some people just plain suck (and smell). I’m sorry. It’s true.

The media is always quick to jump…

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Text 26 May New Country for Young Men (and Women)

New Country for Young Men (and Women)

I did a post a few years ago when I started getting into country music. Well, this is a post how I’m getting out of country music. At least the kind on the radio.

I’m getting so frustrated with the country on the radio now. Literally every single song is the same. Don’t take my word for it.

Kinda funny. Kinda ridiculous. Very sad.…

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Text 17 Mar St. Louis vs. Kansas City: The Final Argument

St. Louis vs. Kansas City: The Final Argument

I grew up halfway between St. Louis and Kansas City. I went to college halfway between St. Louis and Kansas City. I played hockey in St. Louis in grade school and in Kansas City in high school. I lived in Kansas City for 10 weeks last summer. I’ve lived in St. Louis for 10 weeks now. I am the only person who can settle this argument once and for all.

Let’s get it on.


It may be dying…

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Photo 26 Feb Nope, sorry iPhone.

Nope, sorry iPhone.

Text 18 Feb What I Think About Obamacare

What I Think About Obamacare

Better open the windows. It’s gettin’ political. 

I’m going to begin by saying I have not read the entire Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act. If you have, 1. God Bless You. 2. I’d love your opinion on all this.

I have gotten my information and opinion just like we all do, through discussions among friends and family, personal reflection, a few lectures in college, wikipedia, and the media…

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Text 13 Feb Sochi: Sport, Scandal, Society.

The best part of the Olympics, in my opinion, began today with the hockey tournament. I love it because I love America and I love hockey, and I love when America actually cares about hockey.

But how will these Olympics be remembered: sport, scandal, or…

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Photo 10 Dec My Own Personal BowserI’m graduating on Saturday, which is one of the most exciting, long awaited, events in my entire…View Post

My Own Personal Bowser

I’m graduating on Saturday, which is one of the most exciting, long awaited, events in my entire…

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Video 21 Nov

Don’t we all want to go back to sophomore year of college?

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